A threat to our bike track proposal!

A big thank you to all the many residents who turned up to try to stop the threat that jeopardises our plan to develop the play area and to get a bike track and all of the other fantastic things that we have planned for the 400 young people under 16 in Treuddyn.

As you will be aware, the development requires planning permission. We talked extensively to the planning department and after we had adjusted our plans to accommodate their suggestions, we were given a positive response and we submitted our application.

Funding for this project has been raised from several sources and it is time critical.  That is,  if we can’t complete the project within a specific time period we will lose the money.  In the current economic climate we are extremely fortunate to have gained the backing we have,  if this is lost we will probably not have any similar opportunity for some considerable time, if ever.

Totally our of the blue, the FCC councillor for Saltney Cllr Eng. Klaus Armstrong-Braun decided that he would lodge an objection.

He seems to object to a lot of things in Flintshire – he is even trying all sorts of things to get new fencing in the Saltney play area removed!

He has a turbulent history, if you have time read of some of his activities on these sites: I will not quit, Scandalous expenses, White Horse Illegal, Saltney Councillor refuses to pay expenses

With the support of our whole community behind us, we will find a way to defeat this.  The main danger to our project is that if spurious objections delay the process – we will lose all the money that has been secured and will not be able to finalise the other funding applications before the deadlines – no money – no bike track and Treuddyn’s children lose out.

Extracts from the Project Plan for the Play area


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