Blossom Wood created in Treuddyn

A new wood has been created in Treuddyn on land overlooking Britannia Terrace.

Sandra Martin, a Treuddyn resident has been planting a woodland of 2750 native broadleaf trees on approx half of her fields with the help of volunteers.  It is part of a Welsh Government Glastir scheme to convert agricultural land to woodland.

This was grant funded through a carbon planting scheme but Sandra gave more consideration and wanted to have a programme of planting broadleaf, native species that had a bias towards Biodiversity and Amenity.  These included Ash, Cherry, Birch, Oak, Alder, Aspen, Hazel, Hawthorn, Crab Apple, Holly, Guelder rose and willow.

The woodland will probably take approximately 10-15 years to reach thicket stage and 20-25 years for canopy closure to occur and Sandra has a management plan is in place for the next 10 years so trees will be coppiced (thinned out) leaving the best and strongest ones as Standards.  The vegetation and shrub will then provide fantastic habitat to entice birds, insects and other wildflife back to the area.

All the varieties are native broadleaf and shrub and will attract plant and wildlife species back to the area and also reduce carbon footprint.

The woodland will be called Blossom Wood after the little girl featured in one of the photos, (she is the granddaughter of Sandra’s partner)

Please see this article in The Leader for more information on the project.


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