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laptopCarolyn’s recent article in the latest Treuddyn News reported on BT latest efforts to get a good broadband service to across North Wales  – ‘Superfast Cymru’.

‘BT and the Welsh Government are working together across Wales to ensure that 96 % of Wales have access to fibre broadband by 2016.’

Allan Marshall a Telecommunications Engineer who lives in Treuddyn has offered to do a survey of the area and would like to ask the Treuddyn News readers if they could visit this U-Switch website at and run the speedtest from their computer.

This will require them to enter their postcode and Internet Service provider, decide how happy they are with their service and then run the test.

The test results will then show how their service compares with others in the area and all results will be shown on a map. This should allow poor sections of the cable to be identified and any differences between service suppliers to the same street.

The results, postcode and supplier can be emailed to Alan at

The website does no work on mobile devices such as iPads or iPhones . However the speedtester app from OOKLA can be downloaded and run and the results emailed to Alan.

Many residents report that the sales comparison on the U-Switch site does not match the reality of speeds you can actually achieve so check carefully before you are tempted to change supplier.


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