Next steps in getting community broadband.

Wireless Community Broadband Project

The meeting on Wednesday 15th September 2010 was well attended with a lot of residents enthusiastic about the opportunity to get high speed broadband.

Sue Boorman from WAG explained the support scheme available – details.

Harry Aldridge of Bluenowhere was able to explain very clearly the sort of package that they can offer – it sounded very attrative both for residents in ‘notspots’ and those of us in ‘slow spots’. If our community application is successful, prices will be in line with those currently available from telephone line based ISPs but speeds between 2 – 4mbps with the opportunity in the future to go up much higher as the demand develops.

Gary Short talked about the need to make a good business case  – we need the information from you.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE complete the survey which Gary has produced. We have had over 50 replies but need more than this. You do not have to be in a not spot – just unhappy with your connection and prepared to change supplier to a much better offer. You can do so by clicking on the link befow:

We are striving to bring a wireless broadband solution to our community to provide a service to those people who currently receive no broadband and also to provide an alternative to the existing broadband services available.

We have several areas dotted throughout our community where, due to geographic restrictions, it is not possible to receive conventional broadband via existing telephone wires either due to the distance from the telephone exchange or due to the type of telephone wiring used. As we are now in an age where the Internet is fast becoming a major delivery channel for the commercial, social and educational aspects of our lives to be without broadband is a serious and frustrating problem for lots of people.

To try and remove this barrier we have been working with the Welsh Assembly Government and commercial companies to bring broadband via a wireless network into our community. By using wireless technology we can bring high speed broadband (around 10mbps) into our community which will both remove the Notspot areas (those who cannot receive broadband) and provide a significant speed increase over existing broadband product offerings.

Notspot users (those on low broadband speeds of less than 512kbps) can qualify for support from the Welsh Assembly Government and this can be used to help fund a community scheme.

To ensure that the project is a success, we will need the community to come together to help provide us with the information we need to be able to determine whether delivery of wireless broadband is commercially viable. It is very important therefore to capture as many peoples thoughts and preferences on the broadband they have (if any) and what they would like from wireless broadband to enable us to put together a business case.

Please try and help us by spending a few minutes completing  the survey, it really will make a difference to the scheme and may make the ultimate difference to the project going ahead, at the end of the day it really is your input that counts.

Thanks very much,


Gary Short

Gary Short Technological Services Ltd

(services given free of charge to the community for the Wireless Community Broadband Project)


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