Contact from Russian visitors

Wales & RussiaI have received an email from a Russian lady who came to Treuddyn as part of a group hosted by Rev John Jones and the school in 1998.

If anyone has any articles or photos from this visit please pass them over if you are ok to share them on this website.

If anyone wants to contact Victoria, her email is :

Here is Victoria’s email :

In  July  1998  we  were  guests  of  Treuddyn  community.  We  came on invitation of Rev’d John Bernard Jones, The Vicarage, and the school.
It was a group of kids from Russia, headed by me, Victoria Churikova. Since  that  time  kids grew up, but we still have paper pictures and best memories in our hearts!
The world changed since that time. We have Internet, which may meet us all.
I offer to collect Russian and Welsh pictures, comments, etc.
There is also a local newspaper with the article about this time.

Please, reply!



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