Graveyard Inspection

What is happening?

Flintshire County Council have recently started conducting surveys of council owned graveyards to ensure that all gravestones are firmly secured to their bases.  Treuddyn’s cemetery on Ffordd Y Rhos was one of the first graveyards inspected and gravestones requiring attention have been marked.

What needs to be done?

Gravestones which were tested and shown to be failing have been staked with wooden posts and strapped to make them temporarily secure.  The stones will be left in this state for 1 year to allow time for families to make arrangements for stonemasons to refix the gravestone, after this time if the stones have not been rectified FCC will remove the stones and lay them on the grave’s surface. The stones need to be fixed by a recognised stonemason and this will cost approximately £150. Once this is done your stonemason will issue a Certificate of Compliance which is effective for 30 years.

Who needs to do something?

If you know you have a family member interred in the graveyard please take a moment to visit the grave and see if the gravestone has been marked as unsafe. If you know of people who have moved out of the area but have family buried in Treuddyn you might want to let them know if work is required. Anyone who has a family member with a staked gravestone will need to contact the Flintshire County Council Bereavement Services team on 01352 703360, 703361 or 7033362 to get a form to pass on to a stonemason.  Details can be found on this FCC page where the form can be downloaded.

What if I don’t do anything?

You won’t be forced to pay for the changes, instructing a stonemason is at the discretion of the family.  If you choose not to have the stone refixed, in approximately September 2013 the stone will be removed and laid  on the grave – but not necessarily laid flat or straight and with it’s original fixing points left exposed.


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