Eisteddfod News 2019

EisteddfodEisteddfod News 2019

As usual, the afternoon competitions were very successful. We thank the area’s primary schools for their usual loyalty. We hope the children enjoyed the opportunity to benefit from the experience given to them annually to enhance their talents.

Although not as many competed during the evening, the adjudicators were full of praise for the young competitors – the standard was very high and very promising. This year, the adjudicators’ decision was to divide the committee’s prize for the most promising competitor in the stage competitions 15 – 25 years between Gwenan Mars Lloyd and Carys Knight, who had competed in several different competitions.

According to the adjudicator, Gwynedd Huws Jones, the standard of the literary competitions was very high, with seven competing for the Chair from all parts of Wales. The winner was Hedd Bleddyn from Llanbrynmair. He received a warm welcome from the young attendants, following which he received a model of a Chair made by Mr John Parry. A very appropriate poem, by Mr Idris Jones, was read out by Huw Roberts and the ceremony ended with the flower dance by girls from Ysgol Terrig.



Recitation  – Under 5 years: Joint 1st) Catrin and Moli; Joint 2nd) Finlay, Betsan, Gruffydd, Gwenan, Elis and Anna;  5 – 7years: 1st) Elis Ashford; Joint 2nd) Celyn, Olifia and Elain; Joint 3rd) Eiriana and Gwen;  7 – 9years: 1st) Tomos Slatter; 2nd) Gruff Wyn Jones; 3rd) Awen Hogg; 9 – 11years: 1st) Erin Rhys Parks; 2nd) Elen Jones; Joint 3rd) Lydia Slatter, Tomi Hughes and Hari Weigh.  11 – 15 years: 1st) Branwen Medi Jones, Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd; Learners under 9 years: 1st) Alfie Isaac; 2nd) Sophie Brown; Joint 3rd) Gwen Jones, Lottie Jones and Maiya Eyre. Learners 9 – 11years: 1st) Osian Jones; 2nd) Sabina Kurbanov; 3rd) Ava. Cymdeithas Eisteddfodau Cymru competition – perform a humorous piece (open to all ages): Rhys Jones, Corwen. 

Instrumental – Piano under 11years: 1st) Lea Mererid; 2nd) Jack Parsons; 3rd) Alys Nash. Instrumental under 11years (excluding piano): 1st) Lea Mererid; 2nd) William Hogan; Joint 3rd) Alys Nash and Elen Davies. Piano 11 – 15years: 1st) Cate Nash; 2nd) Georgia Williams; 3rd) Branwen Medi Jones, Llanbedr D.C.  Instrumental 11 – 15years (excluding piano): 1st) Cate Nash. Instrumental 15 – 21years (excluding piano):  1st) Carys Knight; Scholarship – Instrumental solo including the piano under 21 years:  1st) Carys Knight; 2nd) Cate Nash.

 Singing – Under 5years: 1st) Betsan; Joint 2nd) Moli and Tomos; Joint 3rd) Lia, Gruffydd and Catrin; 5 – 7years: 1st) Elis Ashford; 2nd) Elain Wynn Jones; 3rd) Gwen Parks;  7 – 9years: 1st) Awen Hogg; 2nd) Tomos Slatter; 3rd) Fflur Ellis; 9 – 11years: 1st) Cadi Fflur Morris; Joint 2nd) Darcy and Cerys Liversage; Joint 3rd) Erin Rhys Parks and Mari Edwards; 11 – 15years: 1st) Branwen Medi Jones, Llanbedr D.C.; 2nd) Georgia Williams, Rhuthun; 15 – 18years: 1af) Gwenan Mars Jones, Llandyrnog; 2nd) Owen Barton Davies, Holywell; Duet under 18 years: Georgia Williams and Owen Barton Davies.

Cerdd Dant – Under 11years: 1st) Awen Hogg; 11 – 15 years: 1st) Branwen Medi Jones, Llanbedr D.C.

Art – Under 5years: 1st) Catrin Morgan; 2nd) Cai Roberts; 3rd) Anna Lloyd Jones; 5 – 7years: 1st) Bethan Williams; 2nd) Freddie; 3rd) Caoimbe Ford; 7 – 9years: 1st) Cerys Moore; 2nd) Evie Rowe; 3rd) Jake; 9 – 11years: 1st) Sabina Kurbanov; 2nd) Voltaire Miles; 3rd) Erin Rhys Parks.

Creative – Under 9years: 1st) Maiya Eyre; 2nd) Adam Roberts; 3rd) Hannah Roberts; 9 – 11years: 1st) Joseff Roberts; 2nd) Osian Jones; 3rd) Gwil Pegg.

Handwriting – Under 9years: 1st) Milena; 2nd) Anna Davies; 3rd) Isobel; 9 – 11years: 1st) Morgan Connah; 2nd) Jasmin; 3rd) Aiden Corby.

Best overall Craft work – Craft Shield:  Joint 1st) Joseff Roberts, Ysgol Terrig and Sabina Kurbinov, Ysgol Parc y Llan.

Literary – Chair: Hedd Bleddyn, Llanbrynmair; Englyn: 1st)  Dosbarth Cerdd Dafod y Doc, Caernarfon; 2nd) John Ffrancon Griffith, Abergele; Humorous poem: 1st) Megan Richards, Aberaeron; 2nd) Gareth Vaughan Davies, Old Colwyn; Hymn: 1st) Eirlys Gruffydd Evans, Mold; 2nd) Mary B Morgan, Llanrhystud;  Lyric: 1st) J Richard Williams, Llangefni; 2nd) Eirlys Gruffydd Evans, Mold;  Short story: 1st) Mattie Ellis-Hughes, Tudweiliog; Limerick: 1st) Megan Richards, Aberaeron; 2nd) Huw Llywelyn Roberts, Cardiff; Traditional Rhymes: 1st) Eirlys Gruffydd Evans, Mold; 2nd) Mary B Morgan, Llanrhystud.

Composing a Hymn tune: 1st) Dr Godfrey Williams, Pontcysyllte.

 ‘Have you got talent?’: 1st) Gwenan Mars Lloyd.
Most promising competitor on stage: Joint 1st) Gwenan Mars Lloyd and Carys Knight.


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