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broadbandAllan Marshall wishes to thank the many residents who have carried out the broadband speed test on the USwitch website. 


Having reviewed the results daily, Allan has noticed some problems with the website and has been in contact with USwitch to ask them to make some changes.


The location of the Pontybodkin Exchange has now been changed from Leeswood Hall to where it actually is in County Road, Leedswood.  Future tests will now have a more accurate “exchange distance” figure.


Not all test results are shown on the map as they are being overwritten by more recent tests and there appears to be a limit on the number of results that can be displayed per post-code.


USwitch have been asked to provide an extract from their database so that a more thorough analysis of all the tests can be done.


The results so far have been encouraging with Leeswood, Coed Talon and the centre and eastern end of Treuddyn having good download speeds in excess of 4Mb/s, depending upon the internet service provider.  The western end of Treuddyn is further away from the exchange so speeds are expected to be lower but there are exceptions being reported.


Allan uses the Sky Connect service and has recently discovered that the downloads speeds are intentionally slowed down by BT down during weekday evenings and all weekends (to around 0.6Mb/s) to give priority to BT customers. 


Unfortunately, these are the times when he uses it most.  Allan invites any other residents using Sky Connect to contact him on for the background to the issue and options available to resolve it.


As a comparison, his immediate neighbours are getting download speeds in excess of 2.4Mb/s during the same periods even though they use the same cables and pole to deliver the service to their homes.


Residents are asked to continue carrying out the tests at since more results will allow a better analysis to be done.




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