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Treuddyn Community Council is one of 735 community and town councils in Wales. This is the tier of local government that is closest to the people.

TCC is made up of 11 elected members, representing the whole of Treuddyn. If the number of members falls below 11, then members may also be co-opted.

Treuddyn Community Council is scheduled to meet 11 times each year, on the second Wednesday of each month (except August).

Each meeting starts at 6.50pm with a 10 minute open public session. The Council meetings then begin at 7.00pm and are limited to 2 hours.  Members of the public and press are allowed to attend the Council meetings proper, but are only allowed to speak by invitation.

Meetings are normally held in the Meeting Room at the Village Hall, Treuddyn.

The Annual Public Meeting is held during the Month of March The AGM of the Community Council is held during the month of May in which new Officers are elected to serve for the next twelve months.

Each year Councillors decide if an A.G.M. is to be held. If so, this AGM is scheduled to take place in May, starting at 7pm and is limited to 30 minutes, unless required to be extended due to the number of issues raised.

Mrs. Kay Thomas, is the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer and is the only paid official member of staff. The Clerk’s address and contact details are listed below. The Clerk may be contacted at any reasonable time, to access details or information.

The Clerk holds all current documents of the community council. Old and unused documents are kept at Flintshire County Council Archives Offices, at Hawarden. The first meeting of Treuddyn Parish Council took place on January 18th 1894 and in 1974 it changed status to a Community Council.  In the 1960s a local newspaper reported that Treuddyn Community Council was one of the last in Flintshire to conduct its business and keep its records in Welsh.

Dr Roger Cracknell is the Chair of the Community Council for 2020/2021 and  Cllr Christine Hughes is the Vice Chair for 2020/2021.

Download the Treuddyn community Council Financial Regulations here:

Download the Treuddyn Community Council publication rules here:


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