Pennaf development – Bro Brwynog

Now that work has started on site we thought local people might want to see the site plan again and also some of the plans for the different styles of homes which are being built.

This is the main Pennaf site plan.

These are a selection of the various house/bungalow styles – the numbers in the label relate to their plot position on the main site plan.

Pennaf plots 5, 6, 7 floor plans

Pennaf plots 8 & 9 floor plans

Pennaf plots 10,11, 21 & 22 2 BED 4 PERSON

Pennaf plots 13 & 14 floor plans

Pennaf plot 25 – 2 bed bungalow

Pennaf plots 39 & 40 floor plans

Pennaf 3 bed DDA bungalow – plot 41


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