Planning Application for 25m mast – comments deadline extended

Vodafone mastA planning application has been made to Flintshire County Council to install a larger Vodafone mast which will replace the existing mast.

The current mast extends to 13m, the proposed mast will reach 25m.

If you want to make any comment or observation to FCC the deadline to get your view registered is now 22nd November.

The matter is then due to go to the Planning Committee on 6th December. If you would like to attend that session to contribute to the process you need to contact the planning department before the 4th to register.

To get a scale impression of the new structure a local resident has taken the dimensions from the papers submitted on the planning application and superimposed them on a photograph of the existing mast.

mast-25m-scale jAll residents are entitled to submit a view either for or against the mast development – it is not restricted to one submission per household.





To see the application go to :

To make a comment either for or against the proposal go to :


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