Play Area – latest news

 This week we’ve had the majority of the wet pour surface laid on the Under 7s area,  the Supernova and the climbing  Bloqx.   This is a rubberised surface which allows the children to climb and fall in relative comfort and safety.  The climbing Bloqx has 13cm of rubberised surface which feels incredibly bouncy.

The Under 7s area is having lots of colour applied to the black base in the form of shapes, arrows, splashes and a butterfly, a  ladybird and a caterpiller.

The Titan swing was set up this week and has proved incredibly popular.  Some of the younger children need help to get it going but there are usually a lot of people on hand to get them moving. 

The Supernova (the spinning doughnut) is also open for business and if you watch the children (or try it yourself) you can see why it needs a rubberised surface to bounce off.

All the equipment in the Under 7s area is now installed and will be open for the children by the end of the 1st week of April – once the graphics for the wet pour have been applied and the path to the gateway is tarmaced.

There has also been some work carried out on the MUGA football/basketball court to resurface the whole area to rectify the patched surface left after the installation of the MUGA fencing.  This needs to be left for 2 weeks until the line markings can be applied but can be used in the meantime.

The path beside the MUGA area has been widened for the full length to allow wheelchair and pushchair access through to the Under 7s area without having to cross the grass.  There is also an inclusive picnic table in the Under 7s area which allows a pushchair or wheelchair to be pushed up to the table in comfort.


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