Play area – what is still happening….?

There are lots of things still happening at the Queen Street Play Area, and in the next 2 weeks the majority of the work will be completed – ready for the Easter Holidays.

A new vehicle access gate is being installed which has a pedestrian gate incorporated.

In the next week 2 large items are going into the Under 7s play area – a 3 tower climbing and activity structure and a playhouse.  There are also 3 more stepping stones to be installed and a bench – which matches the picnic table.

Next week the wet pour safety surfaces are being laid which will completely change the appearance of the Under 7s area, the Supernova (the ‘ring doughnut’) and the Bloqx (the climbing feature).  We have worked with our wet pour designers and think the designs will really make the play area look exciting.

We were very lucky to be awarded some additional funding this week which has enabled us to purchase a climbing lantern which should appeal to children from 4 to teen and an extra bench which we are placing to overlook the end straight on the track.

The landscaping planting has been completed and we have some trees and gorse which we hope will be left to mature in peace.

We also have an additional litter bin being installed near the start area for the track and safety signs near the top and bottom of the track to be fitted.

A new 8 bike rack is being located near the entrance to the village hall to allow safe storage of bikes not in use on the track or for use of visitors to the village hall.


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