Traffic Calming for Treuddyn

Several years ago a petition was started in Treuddyn in repsonse to concerns about the speed of traffic along Ffordd Y Rhos. Although this was presented to FCC nothing materialised to help control speeds on the main residential roads.

Since then traffic volumes have increased and with the new properties at Bro Brwynog shortly being made available, traffic will continue to increase along that stretch of road.  Treuddyn Community Council tried to have traffic calming measures incorporated into the scheme for the new development but these were deemed outside the scope of the application.

Treuddyn Community Council has committed to try and get calming measures installed on Ffordd Y Rhos (to slow traffic on the long straight) and potentially Ffordd Y Llan.  We are approaching FCC to get monitoring equipment installed to gauge the best positioning of any measures and also to get their ideas on the most suitable  solution. TCC want any proposed traffic calming measures to reduce traffic speed but not intrude on the amenity of any local residents Рfor example we will avoid schemes which affect the free flow of traffic (such as by Llanfynydd primary school Рwhere one problem was solved but another has been created).


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