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Treuddyn Festival 2013 Photos and report

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Last year it was mud! It was still great!

This year it was the hottest day of the year! It was amazing!

It was fantastic to see so many families there and enjoying all the different activities and stalls. Thank you to everyone for your support.

The festival takes a lot of planning before the big day. Treuddyn Community Association starts the planning months before.

One of our latest and younger helpers Sophie commented “I had no idea how much planning went into the Festival’. She knows now – she did a lot of it! Thank you Sophie.

I thought that I should list a few of the jobs that people have done to make things go smoothly and be such a success.

The danger of doing this is that there are so many people involved that I am bound to leave someone out and forget to give credit . Please forgive me. Your help is really welcome.

These people all volunteer to do the work that they do.

Chaiman of FCC our Councillor Carolyn Thomas as well as managing to attend many of  the planning meetings has done all of the external liaison for us. This includes making sure that the grass on the play area and the football pitch is cut and marked. She makes sure that we have cones and bins and litter pickers. As well as many other roles she also makes sure that the papers know what is going on in Treuddyn so that we get visitors from outside.

Paula sets up the bar and works so hard there throughout the day. She decorates the hall. Then she carries out and co-ordinates us all to clear up afterwards. She makes numerous contacts for participants in the festival.

Karen Morgan of Crown Fuels was very generous in sponsoring the festival and providing prizes. She works hard on the steering committee providing valuable advice and turns her hand to what ever needs doing on the day.

Maria ended up multi-tasking in a big way on the day. She was heavily involved in the Parc y Llan cakes and teas, helping on the bar and co-ordinating between the field and the hall. She makes numerous contacts for participants in the festival including making sure that the icecream van, the Creeply Crawly display, the puppets and the bouncy castle were there. Maria is the treasurer TCA so she prepares the accounts and keeps tabs on day to day income and expenditure.

Phil Drew did the essential job of laying out the field, making sure that everyone went to the correct place. He was centrally involved with getting the rest of the team to set up and dismantle the marquees.. He also the set out the bollards and barriers.

John Linley organised the car park and the arrival and departure of vehicles; a vital safety role. He is also an important member of the marquee team.

Michael Smith is Fire Officer and made sure that all the fire regulations were correctly in place. He kept the PA generator going and took many of the attached photos.

Lowri Drew organised and ran the children’s tent. She liaised with the school to ensure the success of the poster competition and co-ordinated many other contacts as well as always offering creative advice.

Sophie Ransleyand Lucy Hughes were able to offer the young person’s contribution to the festival. Sophie set up our Facebook page and designed posters as well as working very hard on the day – enthusiastically turning her hand to whatever needed doing. Lucy was helpful with organisation before the festival and on the day she and a friend produced many amazing face paints.

Helen Petie organised the refreshments at the football in the morning, co-ordinated the music in the hall. She was essential in the planning process and then turned her hand to whatever needed doing on the day.

Ian Bidwell keeps an eye on electrical safety and is a key member of the team setting  things up and clearing away. He also works on the bar.

Steve Ransley is another person who makes an excellent contribution to the planning with lots of  ideas. His physical strength was really helpful for setting up and then clearing away at the end. On the day he was a really good sport and allowed the crowd to throw wet sponges at him in the stocks!

John Warburton organised the hall music which he and his friends provided.

Every year that football has been possible at the Treuddyn Festival, John Harkin has organised and run this. This requires special skill and training. It is fantastic to see the enthusiasm and commitment of the players.

David Hughes provides a lot of help in the planning and then he and Angelita Howells are our qualified first aiders. An essential service for us – although fortunately this year we just dealt with a slightly cut finger and two minor rope burns from the tug of war.

Karen Bailey has loads of creative ideas in the planning process and then on the day she manages to run about 6 stalls single-handed- among these were the stocks and the pingpong game as well as the scarecrow building competition.

Gary Price was there on the field keeping an eye on proceedings all day. He must have walked miles! He made sure that there was no glass on the field and picked up the litter that inevitably gets dropped. He organised for the NW Miners to set up their stall. This was a new stall for us. Gary’s wife Donna was busy all day selling raffle tickets. (They are new Treuddyn residents – welcome to our community!)

Brian Williams organised banners and helped put up the marquee; he kept an eye on the field during the day.

Ian and Siobhan Cowling organised the tennis challenge and the toilet throw.

Diana Williams ran her own plant stall.

Norma Edwards, Winston Lea and Mandy Bell were among the helpers who worked on the entrance gates and sold raffle tickets.

Joy Enston ran and organised the tombola and helped wherever needed.

The success of the Festival was also due to many different Treuddyn organisations taking part. Our Schools and the Youth Club, Cancer Research Treuddyn, Flintshire Mind, Nightingale House NW Miners Association Cae Hic (pony rides) etc etc Mr Mike O’Grady, Head teacher of Parc y Llan and Mrs Nia Connah, Headteacher of Ysgol Terrig organised the schools participation.  Mike also helped at the football tournament and with refreshments

This had been our 5th Festival! We urgently need more helpers and contributers to make the 2014 Festival even bigger and better. If you are willing to join us in the planning, please let me know so that I can put your name on the list of contacts. or 01352 770765

Please email me any photos to include on the site.

Thank you!

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