Treuddyn Festival 2012

Festival 2012This year’s festival had weather problems – typical of this ‘Summer’….

Carolyn Thomas said   “We put the marquees up on Friday, organised equipment and prepared for the festival in continuous rain on Friday.  Inside the marquees were muddy, the ground was soft and made setting up of stalls difficult during Saturday morning, trying to fit everyone that had booked a stall into the areas.  We had torrential rain as the festival opened at 1.00 pm but then, all it once, it changed to sunshine and the crowds came.  I remember walking round, worried that all and everyone were happy, when I looked up and saw a fun and colourful image of the skywalker and circus skills people with the backdrop of colourful marquees and blue sky surrounded by crowds of people and felt elated that all was going to be ok!  Everyone had worked so hard for so many days it was such a relief!

We had to cancel the football tournament which was to take place on Saturday morning.  It was a difficult decision as we had many teams entered again, the medals were bought, grass cut and refreshments organised and everyone was keen and ready to go, but the field was too wet.  We are hopeful to instead hold it in September should there be a dry enough period of weather!

The bike track courses held for local children on a Tuesday night are seeing their skills really develop and it was great to see so many during the festival of varying ages and skills riding it so well, the youngest member is only five years old. We have teams from all over using the track to practice their skills on including one visiting from Ireland. The company that built it have also built the Olympic track.

Many thanks to everyone for all their hardwork and contribution and to Crown Fuels for sponsoring the event and thanks to Menter iaith Sir y Fflint for funding the circus workshop.”


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