Treuddyn Play Area

As mentioned on our previous post, the play area is now closed to the public

This is for public safety but also to allow the contractors to work to their schedules. 

Some people have been using bikes on the course already – this will damage the structure and delay completion so please just have some patience – all work is expected to be finished by early April.

During this early stage we have needed many deliveries of soil and aggregate to site and we apologise to residents who have been disturbed by the wagons and the mess they have brought off the muddy site.  Cllr. Carolyn Thomas  arranged to have the roads swept at the end of each day to control the mess.

Work has started on 3 separate projects on the field :

1.  The BMX bike track – this is now nearing completion with work continuing on the paths network and the landscaping. 

2.  Laying land drains along the football pitch – this is complete and just requires a top coat of soil on the drainage runs and the pitch being rolled.

3.  Complete restructure of  the play areas with lots of new equipment , a climbing feature and a dedicated under 7s area – the under 7s area is now fully formed with it’s fence and gate installed.  7 pieces of play equipment have been recycled and relocated and 10 new items have been purchased.  These new pieces are being installed at the moment and the whole scheme is on schedule to complete the first week in April.

Here are some photos to show what’s been happening.


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