Treuddyn Welsh Neighbourhood Action Plan

Between February and March 2012 Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint’s Language and Heritage Officer facilitated meetings with members of the Welsh speaking community in Treuddyn.

Meetings were held on 07/02/12, 22/02/12 and 06/03/12 between 6pm and 7.30pm in the Treuddyn Village Hall.

Representatives of the following organisations were present:
–    Eisteddfod Treuddyn
–    Capel y Rhos
–    Ysgol Terrig (Welsh)
–    Ysgol Parc Y Llan (English/bilingual)
–    Sir y Fflint Dros Addysg Cymraeg (SYFFLAG)
–    Cylch Ti a Fi a Meithrin Terrig
–    Treuddyn Under 5s
–    Treuddyn Community Association
–    Treuddyn Young Farmers

The purpose of the meetings was to create a discussion group, in order to develop a Welsh communities action plan to promote and safeguard the Welsh language in the village.

After discussing five key areas for preservation and promotion of the language, the following action points were agreed upon.

Treuddyn Action Plan
1.    To celebrate the Urdd turning 90 with activities and a community exhibition.
2.    To re-launch the Urdd aelwyd / adran / isadran and increase the Urdd’s presence in the area.
3.    Sports sessions available to young people through the medium of Welsh.
4.    An art heritage project to create an installation for the village hall.
5.    Work to ensure a TWF officer for Flintshire, to raise awareness of the advantages of being bilingual from birth.
6.    Support parents who send their children into Welsh medium education, to make them aware of the support available to families, by holding open evenings     and information stands
7.    More Welsh language events within the Cylch Ti a Fi.
8.    Host information stands / presentations / exhibitions which will raise awareness of the advantages of Welsh medium education.
9.    Seek to establish Welsh for Adults classes within the village.
10.  Encourage parents to send their children to Welsh secondary education by strengthening the links between primary and secondary school.
11.   Create a Welsh language social club – Trigolion Terrig.
12.   Encourage local establishments to make greater use of the Welsh language in marketing, and to make good bilingual use of the local press and new media.
13.   Identify volunteers within the community who are able to translate text for the website into Welsh on demand.
14.   Host an evening to enable local businesses to network and learn more about the advantages of bilingual marketing.

If you would like more information about any of the above activites or the consultation process,contact Rebecca Davies:  or 01352 744042.


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