What a fantastic day! Play Area now Open!

From early in the morning on the big day young people were there on the track practising their skills for the display in the afternoon.

Gill Short who has managed the development of the play area so skillfully was there at 7.15 as she has been every day for the last 2 months, to check that everything was in order.

Paula Bidwell and Maria Kennedy rolled up their sleeves in the kitchen and started to get ready to supply the all day breakfast. Could that mountain of sausages really disappear? John Linley and Simon Searle organised the car park and helped set up the stalls when Campbell Coaching and the GMR BMX racing team arrived. David Petie connected the PA system to the generator. The banners flew in the breeze, Even the weather was kind and the sun shone brightly.

By 1.15 the sausages were being sold at an amazing rate. Extra reinforcements were needed in the kitchen and Lowri and Phil Lowri Drew, Sam Allen and Carolyn Thomas were all soon working hard to keep pace with demand.  The newly refurbished village hall was full of families enjoying the excellent food and cold drinks.

The pa system was made to work after some teething troubles and the seats placed by the footpath were soon full.  The track was cleared and the young people organised themselves in age order – youngest first. Jenny Smith current chair of Treuddyn Community Council and Treuddyn Community Association stepped up to the tape. The smile on her face reflected her pleasure that after 2 years of hard work filling in forms to apply for the grant funding – all the plans had come to fuition. On a dark winters day in November 2009 she started with a ‘wish list’ and all has now been achieved. (There are even a few more items that will be added in the next couple of months!) Treuddyn has a fantastic new’ play area and a village hall to be proud of. Jenny Smith welcomed everyone and cut the tape.

The young people did the track credit. We are seeing some amazing skills developing. The adults – Ali Cambell, the DMR race team Kent who built the track and Treuddyn’s volunteers demonstrated the next level for the young people to aspire to.

What a fantastic day! The Play Area is now Open.


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