Women’s Bike Course 13th May

Ladies, the first session of the course will be a short classroom talk, followed by a run down on bike inspection for roadworthiness, showing you how to look out for problems.

This will be followed by a short ride around on the field or car park, just to assess the skills you have so that we can put you in equal level groups.

You will need to bring, a drink, a waterproof jacket if the weather looks iffy, cycle helmet (Gloves as well if you want) and £5 for the lesson.

Please wear trousers or shorts, but make sure trouser leg cannot flap about and get caught in the chain.

The lesson will run for approx 2 hours.

On Friday evening we will set the date for the next session when will  be able to ride out somewhere. We have a choice of venues for differing skill levels eg Llandegla, Nercwys, Moel Famau, Alyn waters etc  We can ride and have skill lessons on the move so to speak.

There will also be a chance to join the Go mtb scheme and see if you can progress on skill levels from 1 through to 5

See you all on Friday!


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